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Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time there was a woman who felt lost and disconnected.

Despite having hundreds of “friends” she felt alone.

She had low-esteem, low self-confidence, and didn’t know what purpose she had.

She had felt this way since university, thinking she was finding her way but in reality getting lost in the maze called life.

She went along with the crowd because she wanted desperately to belong, but didn’t realise that what made her special was her uniqueness.

She made a bold move from one side of the world to another, yet still couldn’t find her way.

She was still lost, living without a purpose yet knowing there was so much more she could give. That she could make her mark in some way.

Then one day, when she expected only roast dinner at a friend’s house, she opened a small amber bottle, one that looked like all the others.

It wasn’t a lemon, lavender or peppermint. It was perfume and one that awakened her senses.

In an instant she began to feel that everything was going to be okay.

That she was whole. That she would find her way and live a life of purpose in her own way, not just because it was something that everyone else was doing.

When she smells Whisper and uses her other essential oils she feels alive and surrounded with love.

She has a purpose and people who love her just the way she is.

This is my story.

What’s yours? And what does the next chapter look like?

Hey, I’m Alison King

Take a look around, it would be an honour to support you as you find where you belong.


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