Makeover Your Gym Bag

Makeover Your Gym Bag With Essential Oils

While I tend to open my door and head out for a run, I do own a gym bag. It’s getting more use now that a gym has opened up in my village and I’m getting back into a strength training regime. 

I might not know what everyone else has in their bag, what I do know is that mine contains all I need to have a great workout and to smell nicer than most.

Whether you want to keep your equipment clean, flush the toxins out of your body, have a workout shake handy to stave off hunger, get a little boost to keep you working hard, or have something ready to work through those sore post-workout muscles, you can find something to help you out.

You can also use oils for performance.

Cleaning Spray

Have you ever gone to use a machine, or mat and seen the sweaty imprints of the person before you? Gross I know.

You can stay healthy with your own cleaning spray, which is really simple to make and carry with you.

All you’ll need is: a spray bottle, water and OnGuard Protective Blend. Then shake up, spray on your equipment and you’re ready to go!

Many gyms and studios already use this themselves. It’s non-toxic to humans but it will kill harmful bacteria.

Energise Your Workout

Get hyped and excited for your workout with peppermint essential oil or wild orange essential oils. This duo really give you the get-up-and-go.

Rub between your hands before you head out the door, or as soon as you arrive. You can also put peppermint on the soles of your feet.

Aid Recovery With A Shake

As soon as you’re done have a Slim & Sassy V Shake. Keep 1 scoop in your shaker bottle and just add 1 cup water when you’re ready and you’re all set! If your gym has a fridge handy you can pre-mix with milk, or keep in a cooler bag.

Go For Longer

Try Mito2Max Energy & Stamina Complex daily to help keep your workouts energised and at peak performance.

This supplement has no caffeine but will help you workout for longer and harder if you want to. It’s my new favourite product.

Aching muscles?

I don’t go anywhere without my Ice Blue rub, but try any of these to find out what works for you: AromaTouch Massage Blend, Ice Blue Roll On, Lemongrass essential oil or Marjoram essential oil. Just rub into achy muscles (with a carrier oil if using straight from the bottle) for instant relief.

So give your bag a makeover and help your body and mind be as healthy and strong as it can.

Are you a fitness professional who wants to find out how these oils can help your clients? Email me at and I can help.