A Simple Exercise To Change Your Approach To Running

There’s more to running than just getting the legs moving – and I’m sure you have discovered that by now.

If you want to run your brain – and your heart – needs to be ready for it. Getting your head and heart space right will channel the right thoughts to keep you going.

In this blog I’m going to go through an exercise that will help you transition from being a non-active person to being an athlete.

Closure is crucial if you want to open a new door to your life.

The one thing most people forget is how to close the door. When one door closes another opens.

This exercise is known as FAR. Go through it as much as you need to, write a journal to help your mindshift.


It’s hard to get forgiveness from yourself but if you can find it in yourself to forgive whatever you’re holding on to, what you think you could do better, forgive. That’s the first step for closure.

You could be forgiving yourself for your past behaviours and actions, your family, friends, one moment in time that triggers an emotional response. Anything that is related to exercise or feeling healthy.

Write down as many examples as you can of when you felt a failure in regards to fitness, and then forgive yourself.


Find time to give gratitude for yourself and where you’ve come from.

Take time and appreciate who you are right now, warts and all, this is going to help you close those doors and say bye to those things no longer serving you and keeping you from reaching your goals.


Remember who you are at the core, even in your deepest darkest hours and you came out of it.

When you’re hanging out with friends and family or in the zone, your zen place, what are you doing that makes you come alive? It might be when you have finished something you thought was a tough challenge, it might have been climbing a big hill, going down a water slide, jumping on a trampoline.

Remember these times for when you’re feeling stuck. It might go back to your childhood or certain people. This will help you go far.

Close doors to open new opportunities, a new amazing you and experiences.