Take Inspired Action With Blue Tansy

Sometimes it’s not enough to know you want to change your circumstances.

It can be wanting to change your job, start a new exercise routine or simply make a small change to your eating habits.

Change, while we know it can be good, is also difficult.

We’re accustomed to our habits (be they good or not-so) and even though we would like to achieve a goal, making the switch doesn’t come easy to us all.

If this is you then Blue Tansy might just help you.

It’s known as the Oil of Inspired Action.

Blue Tansy supports those who resist taking action to change or transform their circumstances. It is especially helpful when individuals have become stagnant in their progression.

It provides a kind of catalytic spark that overcomes the tendency to vacillate, avoid or procrastinate.

Sound familiar?

Each essential oil has physical properties and also emotional, so we can use them to help us achieve a particular desire.

When it comes to taking action the first action you may wish to consider is buying this oil.

It’s not cheap, I’m not going to gloss over its $150 price tag. But what else would you consider at $1.25 a go and which will also lead to big change? 

Emotionally Blue Tansy necessitates that individuals choose to take the helm of their life.

It also encourages individuals to live in alignment with the whisperings of their inner voice, prompting them to make necessary changes.

When an individual represses these messages, they often feel lethargic, drained, apathetic, sluggish and exhausted.

Blue Tansy invites individuals to take the initiative to reclaim the life they dream of.

To turn from lethargic into an action-taker all you need is one drop of Blue Tansy and your big toe. Your big toe is your brain’s reflex point.

Do this for 30 days and you will see some inspired action, whether it’s wanting to mow your lawns or taking up a new hobby.

So what are you going to manifest into action?

Starting September 3 I’ll be part of a 30 day Big Toe Challenge. Join us! Order your Blue Tansy today via your Loyalty Rewards cart and you’ll receive a free Lime oil (the Oil of Zest for Life).

Not got an account yet? Get yours today here.

Here’s a link to 10 Ways You Can Use Blue Tansy