Natural Solutions For Stressful Situations

When tensions are high I reach for my essential oils.

Over the years I’ve come to realise some work better in our home than others, and that may be true for you.

Work your way through what you already have and if they don’t cut the mustard then start trying others.

Typically floral and tree oils are calming so the first to reach for in stressful times.


Renowned for its calming and relaxing properties, many people use Lavender oil for emotional health because it promotes soothing feelings of calm and self-awareness, while easing feelings of tension.

Some studies suggest that the chemical properties of Lavender may make it useful for reducing sad feelings


Like Lavender but 100 times more calming, Magnolia is a floral oil to use when you are in need of something to ease stressful and anxious feelings.

This oil comes as a Touch, a diluted roll-on, which makes for easy application.


One of the Emotional Aromatherapy oils, Peace is a blend of calming essential oils like VetiverLavenderYlang YlangFrankincense, and Clary Sage. Peace Reassuring Blend promotes feelings of reassurance and contentment while counteracting anxious and fearful emotions. 


This grounding blend provides whole body relaxation, while promoting feelings of balance and tranquility. Balance is a mix of trees and flowers and is my go-to oil for when I want to create a calm environment.


With a fresh, citrus-like aroma, Melissa oil is useful for calming tension and nerves, promoting feelings of relaxation, and uplifting mood.


When it comes to calming emotions, the mint and herbal tones of PastTense Relief Blend work to provide grounding and balanced emotions. Past Tense helps when you are experiencing stressful and anxious feelings, as it uses essential oils that are known for their soothing effects on both the mind and body. 

Applying essential oils for emotional benefits

Here are some ways you can use your oils:

Massage onto the base of the skull

Rub on the inside of the elbow

Use an essential oil diffuser 

Apply a drop to the palms and inhale

Rub into the wrists and carry the aroma with you all day  

Find what works for you

Remember, essential oils work differently for everyone. Because each oil has such a complex chemical makeup, and because aromas interact with the part of our brain that stores our personal memories and experiences, no two people will experience one essential oil in the same exact way. It is important to remember that an oil that is comforting or uplifting for someone else might not have the same effect on you. 

Incorporate oils into your personal routine. To utilise the calming, uplifting, grounding, energising, or comforting effects of essential oils for emotional health, try incorporating your favourite oils into your everyday activities.

Essential oils can be used during yoga, as part of your skincare routine, diffused in the car, and nearly any other part of your day you can think of. 

Be consistent. Rather than using essential oils sporadically when you want to alter your mood, try using small amounts on a more regular basis. Some people complain that they don’t experience the benefits of essential oils for emotional health, but a one-time application isn’t always a guarantee of a mood change. 

Practice other healthy habits. 

Seek extra help. When your quest for an emotionally-balanced life becomes overwhelming, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Reaching out to friends and family and seeking professional help can provide you with extra help on your journey to good emotional health.