Five Ways To Rock The Stage – Naturally

The stage is set, tickets sold and you’ve been rehearsing your heart out for weeks. But just ahead of opening night you can’t take your rightful place.

Whether it’s from stage fright, a pulled muscle or a head full of gunk, using essential oils can help you rock the stage like you own it.


This oil is best known for keeping airways clear, particularly when germs are doing the rounds.

But it is also awesome for when you get an attack of the nerves and for whatever reason can’t take to the stage.

Put a drop in your hands, rub together, cup and inhale. Take a deep breath, hold for three seconds and then take a deep exhale. Repeat two or three times.


It’s important we get as much oxygen into our lungs and more so if you need to move your body or use your voice.

Peppermint Beadlets contain a quarter drop of peppermint oil and are in a convenient tube.

Pop one in your mouth before you go on stage and your stage presence will be felt.

Ice Blue Rub

All those rehearsals can take their toll. Sore muscles aren’t only for athletes, performers can get them too.

If you have a niggle use Ice Blue Rub before rehearsal, and again afterwards. It warms and then cools, it glides on effortlessly and you require only a tiny amount for great results.


This is a double agent oil, it can be used to settle the nerves as well as for easing any aches. It’s a great all round calming oil. For nerves put one drop under your tongue and drink a glass of water.

Make this part of your nightly routine to ensure a perfect run of shows.

For aches apply to the sore spot with some carrier oil and then layer the Ice Blue Rub on top.

Add Lemongrass and Wintergreen for bonus support.


When you’re tired from endless rehearsals and you need a pick-me-up, Motivate is all you need. It’s a combination of citrus and mint, so provides the encouragement and energy every performer will be thankful for.

These oils can be bought retail for $220, or get them wholesale (plus the Lemongrass and Wintergreen free) for $211. You’ll also receive a free gift and wellness consult (valued at $50).

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