Skincare for Active People

There was a time when I would read articles proclaiming the average woman used 17 cosmetic items before 9am and I would laugh. Aside from toothpaste I would use barely any.

And probably a good thing too, as these articles were usually about how toxic these products were.

These days I use a lot more on my skin, but I know that what I am using isn’t at the expense of my hormone health.

As a woman in my 40s, and one who spends time outdoors exercising, I’ve come to realise that skin care doesn’t have to be difficult, and it doesn’t go hand-in-hand with wearing a full face of make-up (but if you want to wear it then go ahead, but please wear something that’s low-tox).

I get complimented on my skin a lot, so here is my morning skin routine.

This is based on rising early, having a coffee and then completing some exercise, either a run or RPM class. 

Verage Cleanser

I keep this in the shower so I never forget to use it.

One squirt is all you need, I apply to my face, neck and decolletage.

After a few minutes I rinse off and when I’m out of the shower I pat my face dry.

Verage Toner

Once I’m out of the shower I do four squirts on my face (compass points!).

I rub in and that’s it. I’ve heard that you should apply with a cloth or cotton wool but I’m a less waste kind of girl and so far so good (it’s been two years so I guess I’m doing it okay).


The Verage collection comes with a hydrating serum, and while I love it it doesn’t last as long. So when I’m all out I turn to Salubelle (which is in the serum, so must be okay).

I roll it on my face, trying to be graceful, but let’s face it, I don’t have much grace!

I love that Salubelle has all the amazing skin oils in it, and I use it for other things too, like a deodorant, when I have a blemish I want to lessen, and a perfume!

Verage Moisturiser

I seal the Salubelle into my skin with the moisturiser.

It’s non greasy and is so easily absorbed. I love the healthy glow my skin exudes once I’m finished in the bathroom. 

And this is what a 43-year-old marathoner looks like.

I used to think skincare took ages, but I can be done in just a few minutes.
Growing up I had facial ezcema, the usual acne and occasionally I’d get adult pimples – hormone-related is my guess.
But I get none of that now, despite the usual stresses that a mum and business owner experiences.
This is my morning routine, I’ll share my evening routine too (it’s just as streamlined!).


You can find out about the Verage products here and get them for yourself here.