90 Day Sanity Saver Plan

Want to get healthy and feel good every day?

Learn how to optimise your wellness in just 90 days and go from Stressed Out to Sane

Have you ever wondered how you can create a new health regime without falling off the wagon?

We know that if we can’t be consistent then we’re unlikely to make it a habit that sticks.

How would you like to be guided with simple steps taking you from stress and overwhelm to sane and thriving (not just surviving!).

With a few changes here and there (nothing earth-shattering by the way) ¬†you’ll notice you have more energy, you feel more you – and you hide less from your kids!

This programme is based on using essential oil products that I use in my home, they are effective, cost-efficient and safe for all the family.

This is what we will cover:

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Vitality Assessment – what’s your score?

Foundation of Health – we establish a foundation of health for you (and your partner if they are keen).

Proactive Self-Care

Inside Out – using our supplements you will support your body from the inside out.

Hormone Support  Рan easy blend to support you throughout the month

Simple detoxes for your home to reduce your family’s exposure to toxins

Rest and Relaxation – Easy recipes and techniques

Continue to support your body and mind

Mood management – learn how to support your family’s moods with one drop

Turn your home into a sanctuary

Vitality Assessment Evaluation


You’ll start with our absolute favourite collection of essential oils called The Family Essentials Kit plus our Lifelong Vitality Supplements.

This kit is deeply discounted and will include our #1 selling products that will get you more energybetter focusbanish brain fogimprove digestionrelieve body tensioncleanse and detoxify you, and bring a more relaxed state of mind to your everyday life.

You’d normally have to pay well over $400 for these items individually, but by starting with this selection, you’ll be saving more than $100  just for being part of our community!

You’ll get exclusive access to our private community for free education and guidance on how to use your new wellness tools, along with daily tips, fun challenges and even some free giveaways!

Not to mention, you’ll be surrounded by other like-minded women who share similar values.

Once you’ve got the foundation going, we will move into our more focused categories.

Dollars aside, let’s talk about what it means to invest in yourself. Stop for a moment and imagine it’s one year from today, and you’ve experienced your best year ever…what did it look like? What do you feel like? What do you experience more or less of? 

What if you could achieve those goals and get those results by simply spending just $150-$200 a month to transform your life?!  

Trust me when I say that what you invest in your own self-care will be a direct reflection of the wellness you are about to experience.

The question here isn’t if you need this, the question is, do you WANT it?


Welcome Kit: 7 top samples

Wild Orange 5ml

Coconut Oil 30ml

3 free additional oils (surprises!)

Up to $60 in free product of your choice (*upon completion)

LIVE Q&A mentoring sessions

Access to wholesale discounts of 25% for one year