About Alison

Hey, I'm Alison

+   I’m a runner, a wife, a mum, wellness entrepreneur, business mentor and I’m in love with doTERRA Essential Oils:

 the product, the people and yes, the business model!

+   I’m a gutsy geek who is not afraid to take up challenges because what’s the worst that could happen should I fail? I don’t care what people think about me, I care more about what I think.

+   I’ve been moving about since I was a child and born into the British Armed Forces. I moved to New Zealand aged 26 and met my husband several months after I’d decided it was truly home.

+  We have a seven-year-old wannabe ninja son and an equally crazy cat.

+   In October 2015 I quit my full-time newspaper job to grow my own business. That led to my doTERRA discovery and months later the growth of my global doTERRA team. 

+   In 2019 my journey is about broadening my horizons, leadership, connecting with people who I truly want to spend time with and helping others find what makes their heart sing. 

+   I do all of this while (mostly) wearing track pants and a hoodie, and with so much freedom: coffee catch-ups instead of rushed meetings; playdates with the mums in my team; running in the nearby forest on a Tuesday morning because I set my own hours; saying YES to new adventures and phenomenal people that I never used to have time for; all the while experiencing expansive, supported, love-fuelled personal and professional growth within myself and my team. 
(I’d love to show you the very real reality that you can do this too).

+   Home is the sulphurous and forested Rotorua, New Zealand.

My Story

My career started as a newspaper journalist way back in 2000. Then in 2014 I started sharing my running experiences and posted the first of many running blogs and training programmes at Run For Your Life.

​Fast forward a year and I was leaving the financial security of full time work to run my blog and coaching business from home.

I took on business coaching with my now upline Natalie Cutler-Welsh and in a twist of fate we met Dr Martha Nessler and our foray into essential oils began,

Did I think I was going to start this as a business?  

Not entirely. I knew I wanted something more for Run For Your Life, that it wasn’t growing into the dream I had imagined.

But network marketing? No way. 

My Why

I’ve been using these amazing gifts of the earth in almost every facet of my life for the past three years.

I never thought I’d get so passionate about a little brown bottle.

I’m proud to be partnered with such an ethical and philanthropic company.

Here’s what I love about this work:

+    Freedom.  Life is too short for 9-5. doTERRA offers a different modality of work, one that fosters meaningful relationships & conscious collaboration. It supports family, affords us time & financial freedom and the ability to work from anywhere. 

+    Compassion.  The work of doTERRA ripples out in philanthropy across the globe.   We are in service to the wider community through our partnerships with charitable organisations the world over, though the ethical and sustainable relationships we have with our farmers and growers, AND we are in service to ourselves and our customers. .

+    Sustainability.  100% pure plant oils that are sourced ethically and sustainably, and can replace synthetic cleaning, medicine and beauty products (and their packaging) in every home.  

+    Community.  This business allows me to experience more presence with the people in my life without sacrificing my ability to create a solid income. Every day promises new connections and meaningful encounters. We rise by lifting others, no more going it alone.

+    Mentorship.  I learned that I thrive on helping others feel GOOD. being in this work fulfils me in so many ways that I want this for every other man and woman out there.

You Can Work With Me

 +    Join the Running on Oils, our community of awesome, supportive women who all share a love for essential oils.  

+    I mentor a percentage of those people who are interested in turning their love for the oils into an abundant business. I’d love nothing more than to partner with you to create your authentic network marketing business with these oils, supporting you the whole way.

+    Think the family you with you always had, personal growth, creativity, freedom and living from the heart – that’s how we roll.  And nope, this isn’t your average product biz where you host a few parties and get some free stuff; this opportunity opens a doorway into abundance, connection and prosperity that takes your life to new heights. Learn more about what’s possible for you when you join my team here.