Build Your Own Support Team

Since when did running have to be purely an individual sport?

Yes, you can go for a run by yourself, not needing a team to be at its peak to give you your own perfect race. It’s not like the 4x100m relay where you must be synchronised.

If you want to run with others you can.

There are no hard and fast rules around this, which is what makes running one of the purest sports around. Pull on your shoes, meet a mate and off you go. Done.

You can add more members into your team, and again it’s at your own level.

So who is in my team? I’ve yet to re-assemble my support team since I moved back to Rotorua, but this is who I would like to have on board.

Physio/sports masseuse

These can be two separate people but if you can find a physio who can also do sports massage you have a winner. I have been lucky to have had two such people on my team in Rotorua (I only chose a new one because my first went on an adventure to Asia).

When logging longer sessions I’ve found it important to get help keep my muscles relaxed.


Sometimes you need a medical professional to understand that running is important to you. I’ve been lucky so far.


I’ve never lost a toenail but I have ugly feet. I’ve been to a podiatrist to make them look less ugly!

I could also add an in-house chef, driver to take me to and from awesome trails and an in-house masseuse. But that’s the stuff of dreams!

Outsourcing is when you take a task you either don’t like doing or can’t do and get someone else to do it.

This means you have more times to do the things that you love.

Who do you have on your support team? What professionals could you not live without? Comment below.


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