Convention: Green Mandarin

Citrus Oils

Presented by Dr David Hill

We have six different varieties of citrus oils in the US.

When we first launched I thought lemon, grapefruit, and wild orange was all we would need.

We’ve also got lime, tangerine and bergamot. We have a whole supply of citrus oils.

What I love is you can have individual aromatic preferences. They have similar chemistry and benefits but they all have limonene associated.

So can choose your favourite and you can’t go wrong.

How do we make sense of this?

Let’s divide into two, those that have dominant limonene – tangerine, grapefruit and wild orange all 95% or more limonene.

They help the body to preserve and protect cellular structure function. They are oils we consider we should use every day. I like adding them to water and diffusing them at home and in my office.

I love the benefits citrus brings.

They help our body to become more resilient.

Limonene does a whole lot more. It’s not singular to cell protection, no chemistry is singular. It’s going to have a myriad of benefits. We see that with essential oils, you might use for one reason but there are other benefits.

Green Mandarin

This oil has three amazing qualities.

  • Unusual chemistry
  • Non-typical aroma (citrus but more earthy)
  • Reduced or no photosensitivity

It comes from Brazil.

Green Mandarin is unripened Red Mandarin. They have to thin the fruit and they take 60-70%. In the past that has just been a throwaway but we wondered if there was some value in that oil.

It gives us variety in the citrus oils. It has reduced or no photosensitivity, we can’t detect any of the chemicals in it that leads to photosensitivty and it might be because it’s unripened.

In addition to limonene, it has a substantial amount of gamma terpinene. That has health benefits.

These two work synergistically to help body respond appropriately within the spinal cord.

It can decrease neuronal excitability, helps body to control release of Acetylcholine so we don’t experience discomfort.

Limonene disrupts the 5-LOX pathway which deals with tissue disruption within the respiratory system.

Citrus can be clarifying to respiratory system.

  • Diffuse to elevate mood and improve environment.
  • Combine with Lime or Eucalyptus to support health respiratory function.
  • Apply topically to calm and soothe tissue irritation.
  • Combine with Yarrow/Pom for metabolic support.

Green Mandarin is available now from the US Warehouse and is priced US$33.50 (28pv) for New Zealand customers.

If you have an NZ or Australian doTERRA membership you can access these through your account. If you have not got your own account please contact me and I can help you get started.


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