Convention: Magnolia Touch & Beautiful Body Mist

Product Reveal: Magnolia Touch & Beautiful Body Mist

Presented by Emily Wright

When we think of China we think of megacities.

How many knew that 52% of China is agricultural land, completely pollution free land. It’s so serene, so beautiful.

Our sourcing team goes all around world, they’re constantly meeting with people investigating new plants to see what to bring to the doTERRA family.

When they came to me and talked to me about Magnolia I had chills.

I’ve always wanted to have an oil like Magnolia. You see how exquisite it is?

It’s amazing.

These magnolia trees grow very tall. They used to have to pick blossoms with ladders and scaffolds but now they’ve gotten very smart about it. They prune trees to 6ft tall so it’s easier to get to the flowers.

It takes 5,040 blossoms to produce 15ml essential oil.

These blossoms are quite large so that’s a significant amount.

My favourite properties are the emotional benefits. It’s easy to see how it’s going to affect us emotionally.

Opening, heavenly, resplendent, instills confidence, reminds us of our purpose

We feel beautiful and radiant when we wear it. It instills confidence and reminds us who we are.

It’s calming, relaxing and keeps our skin clear. It has the highest amount of linalool compared to other flowers – 71%, which is twice as much as lavender so it’s very calming to the emotions as well as body tissues.

It scores high against other flowers for gastrointestinal cleansing, immune boosting, sleep. It’s very similar to helichrysum and melissa.

Magnolia Touch is US$33.50 (28pv) for the New Zealand market from the US Warehouse.

Beautiful Body Mist

How would you like a body mist to nurture and hydrate skin? How would you like it infused with the Beautiful blend?

We’ve put this in a  360 degree applicator, which means you can spray right side up, upside down, sideways all over your body. I towel dry and spray it on.

I smell amazing but my skin has been silky smooth. I am in love with this product.

NZ Pricing to be announced, available November from the US.

If you have an NZ or Australian doTERRA membership you can access these through your account. If you have not got your own account please contact me and I can help you get started.


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