Convention: Oral Care

Oral Care

Presented by Dr David Hill

In 2011 we launched the On Guard toothpaste, an all natural formula. We added CA5HO13P3 to help the calcium of the teeth be fortified.

The time has come to look at other things.

We did a study in March and found that tooth colour became 34% whiter and plaque formation reduced by 63% from using the toothpaste.

To date there have been 300 clinical trials with essential oils ever done. In the last year doTERRA did four of them alone.

We’re moving into era of where we are going to do more.

On Guard Mouthwash

It’s natural and alcohol free. It wasn’t about taking On Guard and putting it into a formula. There were qualities that were very important to us.

We wanted to do something different, even when you get a mouthwash that claims to be natural it contains a lot of alcohol as the active ingredient.

It’s no small feat to create mouthwash that is 100% clear, you usually have to shake up as oil separates, ours stays suspended the whole time. We were able to do that through a micro encapsulation process and do that without damaging the essential oils.

On Guard mouthwash clinical study

We did this and one of the things we looked at first was the ph of the mouth and that’s a direct correlator to health itself.

We were able to show we could balance the ph of the mouth, a health ph is 6.5 to 7.4.

70% of the participants were able to balance to a healthy range after use for just four days.

We then did a formalised study through a research partner and looked at the MMP8 enzyme.

MMP8 is a degradation enzyme see when we have improper oral health and not on track to where we want to be.

We tested in different concentrations. We like to see where effectiveness comes in.

First at 20% concentration, so we reduced down to 20% strength. There was still 40% inhibition rate of MMP8. That’s remarkable.

We bumped it up to 80% strength of mouthwash and reduced almost 80% of MMP8.

There are limitations in testing you can do. We had a maximum capacity we could test so we don’t know what 100% concentration would do.

My own personal belief is that full strength will increase from 80% substantially.

The comparison was with Actitonin, which is a nasty toxin you’d never want to use.

On Guard – an all natural formula without any toxicity – performs in the same way.

Application – use between brushing or during brushing, to clean mouth, freshen breath and have proper ph.

On Guard Mouthwash will be available from the US warehouse in November, no NZ pricing available yet.

If you have an NZ or Australian doTERRA membership you can access these through your account. If you have not got your own account please contact me and I can help you get started.


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