Convention: Pink Pepper

Pink Pepper

Presented by Emily Wright

You have allowed us to lift up communities in Guatemala.

In Guatemala in June of this year there was a volcano eruption for second time. We were figuring out how to best assist with relief efforts. Worldwide we didn’t hear about the devastating effect of this volcano.

More than 1.7 million people were affected, 110 people dead, 200 missing, there was a 12 mile radius disaster area.

On either side of our distillery  the ground was covered in volcanic ash – as if a bubble or shield protected the distillery that day.

We know why, we understand that the work happening, these oils are not our creations. We understand what they mean to every one of us. There is mission behind the oils that goes beyond any one of us.

The distillery was so close to that volcano and yet it remained protected – but how can we support the efforts of this area?

We teased you with Pink Pepper. We held back on some of the science of this oil.

Pink Pepper – sourced in poorest regions of Peru. They use a pole to shake from tree, collect berries and let them dry in the sun.

They then separate and clean berries and bag them up.

“Before doTERRA we weren’t harvesting it. We are so grateful to have a good buyer. It’s created more jobs for the people in the village. We can now educate our children.”

This is a superhero in Emily’s opinion, going to weave through the chemistry in the most compliant way.

Pink Pepper is going to give us the greatest benefit in our food and drink.

We want to get it through our blood stream and every cell of our body.

Black Pepper we use topically to support circulatory system but Pink Pepper is pretty special.

Let’s look at the chemistry.

Limonene (cleansing, uplifting) commonly found in citrus oils; alpha phellandrene and alpha-pinene commonly found in Frankincense.

They look pretty similar but they couldn’t be more different with the pathways they work.

If we look at oils with Alpha Phellandrene, Blue Tansy has 5.7% but Pink Pepper has 15-30%.

If we look at cell mitosis and the division of or cells that gives life.

It’s important that happens properly so that when they continue to populate there’s no mutations over and over again.

The research behind this chemical, it’s shown scientifically to protect and nurture cells and cause unhealthy cells to die when they’re supposed to instead of continuing to duplicate themselves.

It encourages healthy cell cycle and death to support a healthy inflammatory response. It alleviates neuropathic discomfort

We also see it activates killer cells to go out and boost up the body’s immune system. It’s going to be a great companion with Aromatouch when have neuropathic discomfort.

Add with heat and massage.

We can see how many different body systems it supports because of its chemistry.

It’s an amazing companion product to DDR Prime.

But the story of Pink Pepper doesn’t end there.

In order to have enough supply we needed two sources.

Not only helping in poorest regions of Peru where these trees have grown natively.

They’d taken no income from them, they’d been used just as shade trees and now we get to take them  to distillery in Guatemala and create more economic stability there. But we needed another source.

So it took us to Kenya.

When we there in November we were able to understand the magnitude of what’s happening there.

What we’re doing for the people of Kenya warms my heart. We were able to put in a water system.

That protected them from so many things. We were able to provide schools, and work with people like Margaret who has become a leader of her people.

She started growing geranium for us. She didn’t know how that was going to work out but she trusted us.

She put seeds in the ground and started to harvest and make more money than she thought ever possible. She started bringing in friends and showing how they could do the same.

She now leads 64 other women growing Geranium for us.

We wanted to create more opportunity.

Pink Pepper trees were planted all along the roadside to generate shade and protect their eco-system but previously no income. We’re really excited to create an income stream for them in Kenya

I want you to watch this video to understand the gravity of the good we’re creating through this essential oil.

Put yourselves in Veronica’s shoes for just a moment. Pregnant with child #5, her husband worked for the pipeline and financially they were doing better than most, she had a home, water, doing well.

She was a homemaker preparing for her fifth child when news came through her husband had been killed in a road accident. Overnight her life changed.

The company took her home and clean water access.

She was left destitute.

And they wouldn’t buy her rope, she had no other ability to provide for herself and she was forced to give the one thing that broke her heart and soul to give in order to provide for her children.

To live that way not knowing how she was going to provide from one day to the next.

She’s sitting on the roadside with friend in same situation wondering what they were going to do. A man named Kigo found them, and asked if they wanted opportunity to change their life.

He does this every day. For 20 years he’s dedicated his life to helping others like Veronica.

We’re honoured to have him with us.

He cares more for the people than for himself.

“I’m so excited to share my passion for working with farmers. A lot of them are women with orphans or husbands not taking care of family, some are elderly without other income, some have small farm

“My passion when I can see them and they can get something to make a meal or to take children to a basic school.

They were desperate on the road but today because of doTERRA sourcing are able to make a living and take children to school, I’m so happy they have hope, that this is happening.

“This is the biggest, knowing they are part of our community of human beings. Before they felt neglected. To meet people buying these products, gives me hope to bring back to them, to give confidence that they are making a difference.

“Kids were sent home because couldn’t afford school fees – I gave her a small advance to she could pay for her kids fees. Next day she started harvesting Pink Pepper.

“What’s exciting is she now owns a donkey and when she’s not working she’s collecting water for her neighbours and charging a small fee.”

Pink Pepper 5ml is US$26.50 (22pv) for the New Zealand market

If you have an NZ or Australian doTERRA membership you can access these through your account. If you have not got your own account please contact me and I can help you get started.


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