Convention: Proven By Science, Approved By Moms

Proven By Science, Approved By Moms

Presented by Nicole Stevens Managing Scientist

I would like to tell you a story of a young graduate student who had big dreams and big hair and through some blessed set of circumstance her life was changed by a little amber bottle.

It started with a little experiment that has been repeated many times over but at the time was groundbreaking.  It started me on a path with essential oils.

The research was looking at how essential oils affected tiny cells in petri dishes. The results were exciting enough that a career path was decided.

The year was 2001 and the problem was there was no standard for essential oil quality in the industry.  There nothing defining how plants should be grown and harvested.

How oils should be distilled or handles or stored or bottled or how they should be analysed.

I felt the pain very keenly. I had to repeat my experiments dozens of times. I continued researching with oils because of the possibility ad excitement. It was like an adventure.

My thesis included over 400 pages of data of how essential oils interacted with different cell lines.

About the same time I met Dr David Hill, Emily Wright, and David Stirling.

They too had a great love of essential oils and a dream much larger than the industry at the time allowed.

I had a conversation with Dr. Hill as he shared his vision of oils sourced for correct chemistry,  valid research, testing for therapeutic bioactivity.  He was well ahead of his time. I longed for that philosophical framework as well.

I kept on researching.

I worked in the cancer research institute where I once again got to look at biological activity of essential oils. Still had the same challenges of finding the oils of the right quality.

I became discouraged.

Two important things happened and they set me on the path to this point.

I became a momma.  I wanted essential oils to be part of my families health care but there was nothing on the market I could use. Where was the quality I required as a mom. I needed a brand I could trust but I hadn’t found it yet.

Then I got a call from Emily Wright about a new company they were starting with a new vision of how to source oils and was asked if I wanted to be affiliated with them- I said YES!

My research began again, this time with doTERRA’s essential oils.  Less than one year after the company launched we were studying the oils.

The studies have been repeated many times with increasing creativity and sophistication.

Here was a company just starting with a very tight budget but demonstrating right off  the bat that scientific validation is a priority and always will be.

We were seeing doTERRA’s oils work. With quality essential oils I was actually getting results that I could trust and validate.

We looked into chemistry profiles, new plant species… I joined other visionaries who truly wanted to explore essential oil science.   We were so excited at what we were seeing.

I was blown away by the activity – test after test showed me that they work and hinted at how to use to support bodies and homes.

I would come back to lab after kids were in bed and work through night feeling like an adventure was unfolding.

I was getting results I could validate for the first time. My research continued – other microbes, activity, chemistry, distillation and new plants to investigate.

I joined other visionaries wanting to explore essential oils science.

In 2015 I joined the research and development team and doTERRA corporate. At the time I was a research affiliate since it’s birth showed me this is where I want to be.

The first clinical trial on Serenity soft gels was in 2015 and  research continues today.

Human clinical trials are ramping up in big ways. There are 300 in all of history and we now have a clinical trial that is largest and longest with essential oils to date.

We’re just beginning.

Talking to Dr.Hill nearly 20 years- he knew what CPTG needed to be and it has grown into what I hope is the fruition of his dream.

Chat with our researchers, I think you will be impressed by their passion and expertise.

For us it’s not just about an essential oil can show in the laboratory, it’s about what they can do.

We are investigating new technologies that help us understand the biology of essential oils.  As with many things doTERRA is the pioneer.

We are studying the interactions with enzymes and pathways and entering uncharted waters and the only way we have the confidence to do this is because of doTERRA’s CPTG oils.

They have power that we are just beginning to understand.  We are building this body of evidence that is overwhelming- doTERRA’s CPTG oils really do work.

You are here on a very groundbreaking a momentous day, hearing about research that has never before been done.

As one that uses essential oils every single day both in my laboratory and my home I can tell you that what we have here is unique.

To have an arsenal of highest quality essential oils with my kids and family for soothing, uplifting supporting our bodies and keeping our home a place that we are safe is so empowering.

I’m a scientist at heart but I’m a mom in my soul.

Essential oils I use have to pass muster in both of those realms – doTERRA provided me the answer I was seeking.

doTERRA provided the oils of the quality that I needed for my research and trusted for my family.

This is my story and my dream, what’s yours?

I’ll leave you with a thought from Dr Hill.

“We don’t have the luxury of being part-time pioneers.”

We are leading and changing the industry.  And a process of that magnitude can not be achieved half heartedly.

You will be challenged by those who tell you you are wrong or you are crazy or misguided- don’t even flinch.

The science is validating what you have known for years- that essential oils are powerful and doTERRA essential oils work.

My message to you is this.  Be immovable.

Have confidence in the quality of doTERRA’s oils and products and do not be afraid to say, this is what I do, I am a pioneer with doTERRA.


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