Convention: Turmeric and Copaiba Softgels

Turmeric and Copaiba Softgels

Presented by Dr David Hill

Sourced from India and Nepal.

This comes from a root.

Going to explain the differences between the oil and botanical/herb.

This is not something new. Several years ago we talked about it but didn’t have sourcing or right timing.

The very beginning we had limitation to have what we could do, it’s nice to now be able to look ahead.

If we look at the constitution of it, it’s broken down to three components.

The bulk of the botanical is brought down to water, proteins, carbs, minerals, fats, fibres. People say you have to take the supplement with another fatty substance to help it to digest appropriately.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Chemistry fits into two other categories: Curcuminoids and Tumerones.

Our interests have been narrowed.


Capsules are a typical supplement form but they are large water soluble molecules,

Capsules have poor absorption rate and reduced biological activity.

It means rapid metabolism and elimination. We can’t get full value.

These aren’t new for use, we have curcuminoids in both Alpha CRS and Deep Blue Polyphenol complex, combined with essential oils to get seven times increased absorption.


These come from the essential oil.

Small in herb but most often people do a CO2 extract, can also do standard distillation to get the essential oil.

I looked at the marketplace, CO2 extracts are NOT essential oils. There is high temperature and high pressure, low or sub or mid range.

The advantage of CO2 is that typically CO2 is perceived to be really valuable because of no leftover solvents.

The problem is, CO2 is selective. We get other things besides oils and we don’t get full chemistry profile.

When chemistry is inconsistent in its ratios the benefit is inconsistent.

We had no desire for that so we chose to distil it as an essential oil.

CO2 extract you get tons of water soluble curcuminoids, very little tumerones. And because there’s not a high yield other things are added to it.

With the essential oil we get nothing but all the volatile aromatic compounds – the tumerones.

Tumerones readily absorb and can easily act on cellular membranes.

It can cross membranes and planes to be active in body.

The benefits are natural tissue support, increased antioxidant capacity, sustains cardiovascular health, supports and preserves brain function, it’s neuroptotective.

We did a study on neurotoxicity – would this oil create advantage to protect cells in central nervous system (brain)? There’s more work to be done.

Healthy neurons in the presence of turmeric demonstrated improved neuronal response and greater resilience.

Stressed neurons in the presence of turmeric demonstrated greater health and activity.

It’s a wonderful oil to learn and use.

Use it topically but it’s not my favourite aroma but take advantage and combine with other oils, such as Green Mandarin.

Add to water or other drinks.

Copaiba Softgels

This oil is great for targets outside of our endocannabinoid system – cardiovascular, liver, and brain support.

There’s much broader spectrum than just betacaryophyllene, which we get excited by.

There’s other chemistry present and we have more variety of chemistry. When you have an oil you love, use that oil.

That being said, I love Copaiba so we thought it would be nice to bring it to you as a softgel.

We’re going to have a discussion about carrageenan. There’s different types of carrageenan.

Some are not helpful, some are not damaging at all. But none of you believe in me.

In one bowl of ice cream you get more carrageenan than in a lifetime of taking our products.

I’m tired of the fight so we’ve made a carrageenan free softgel.

This is the first one but we will be converting all softgels to no carrageenan.

Turmeric 15ml is available from the US warehouse and is priced US$33.50 (28pv) for NZ customers. Copaiba Softgels are priced $38.50 (30pv).

If you have an NZ or Australian doTERRA membership you can access these through your account. If you have not got your own account please contact me and I can help you get started.


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