Don’t Let Your Goals Stay Just A Dream – Make Them Come Alive

You’ve found your motivation.

Now to achieve your goal.

I’m going to go through ways to make sure your goals are met.

Set your goal and write it down

Funnily enough some people think that be saying they want to lose weight, or run a 5km is enough. It’s not. You need to come up with something more smart, such as lose 10kg by June through running a minimum three times a week. That is a smart goal.

Work out how you are going to achieve your goal

Get a training plan. Sign up for coaching, follow a plan already written. However you do it, if you want to achieve your goal then you need to know what steps to take to get there.

Review your goal

Many people write their goals down and don’t check back on them, so how do they know they are on track to achieving it?

Write your goal somewhere you will see it often, it can be on the fridge, on your mirror, or a note in your wallet.

Tell someone

If you don’t tell anyone you won’t be accountable to your goal and chances are it will easily slip away.

You don’t have to tell everyone, just one person. And then they can ask every so often, how’s training going?

Make your goal smart

I touched on this in the first tip. A smart goal is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

If you are a new runner then a smart goal would be to finish your first 5km in 12 weeks by following a beginner’s running programme. A non-smart goal would be finishing your first 5km in 12 weeks in a time of 15 minutes, or by winging it on the day.

Break it down into smaller goals

Instead of focussing on your 10kg goal, break it down into 1kg bites. If it’s a distance goal, break it down into your first 5km, first 10km, 15km etc.

Forgive yourself if you don’t reach your goal

Life happens, if you have given it your best shot then you did your best and that’s all anyone can ask for. You can always set a new goals.

Do the work

Follow your training plan, ask for help if you need it.

Surround yourself with positive people who have goals and are making them happen – this one is all about the running community again. Join a running club, or if you don’t have one near you or you’re too shy, join a facebook group. Post questions, photos of where you run, answer questions, be yourself.


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