doTERRA Global Convention Notes Intro

So convention was huge, around 40,000 people filled two arenas to hear about new products, advancements in science, what’s been happening with the Healing Hands Foundation and so much more.

It was three full days and even though I didn’t travel to Utah thanks to the Live Stream Pass I have been able to watch and rewatch the presentations.

In a series of blogs I’m going to break down the messages that were shared, so you also get to understand more about what this company is about, how these oils work and help you decide which of the new products will help you the most.

Opening address

David Stirling, founding executive, Chief Executive.

Get ready! It’s been a remarkable 10 years, as you know the theme is Dream – over 3 days, I hope you’ll seize the opportunity to think about your dreams and reflect on them – when people realise doTERRA can be a vehicle to accomplish their own dreams, magic happens.

Update on international growth

New offices in the UK, Russia (serving Russia and 10 surrounding countries), Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Malaysia, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan (now four offices throughout the country), China (four cities), Colombia (to service Ecuador also).

Busy time in Utah with five  construction projects under way

New office building F – completed next month – 67k sq ft

New childcare facility – 84 children 0-5 opening October 1

Manufacturing extension – Nov 1 opening – 165k sq ft- more than doubling space with new state of the art air and water filtration system to add to purity

Eight new filling stations/blending line – more than double current production capacity

Medical Complex – Open date April 24th, 2019 – 41k sq ft

New Pleasant Grove distribution centre – Open Nov 1, 270k sq ft – latest technology in picking and packing

Member services – 200k sq ft – Dec 2019 – allow to take pressure off current corporate buildings and to hopefully support expansion and growth for next five years.

The Beginning

I want to go back to beginnings 10 years ago, consider what world was like when you first encountered doTERRA.

What was your dream when you joined us? How are they turning out?

What do you dream of achieving when we gather together in five, 10 years?

Natural products had been abandoned 10 years ago – for perceived benefit of drugs – we dreamed of empowering people with nature’s gifts so people could take control of health and wellness.

We were united by essential oils but lived in a world where essential oils companies were relatively small – healers or boutiques or often run in a way where profits before purity and even before people.

Ten years ago several people gathered in basement of a library to discuss vision for what world of essential oils could be.

It was 2008, the recession was tightening it’s grip, savings evaporating, homes foreclosing – entrepreneurship was scary, everyone living in fear. We wondered if there was enough hope left for people to dream big with us.

We found the courage to mortgage our homes and 401ks and launch doTERRA. We were committed to building a company based on integrity and honesty and bringing highest quality essential oils.

We had no certainties but believed in the gifts of the earth and their heavy lifting ability – the belief that others would respond outweighed fears and we went to work.

Ten years ago MLM was mired in stigma, we were aware of negative perceptions held by most but we knew this model was necessary to empower more with a personal essential oil experience.

It was not possible from a retail shelf, it had to be person to person. So we worked to build a unique company that all could be proud of, build a strong culture not cultish behaviour, led with product and strong product education not opportunity.

Sustainability is not a product of inflated income figures or hype or charismatic execs – build instead on a foundation of quality, integrity and an underlying ethos of giving back.

The doTERRA difference – a company’s culture is a result of leadership in its field – often leaders jump from one to the next, often leaving chaos behind them. Most of doTERRA’s early leaders had no direct sales experience but believed in the oils and their potential, we locked arms, travelled and set about educating others.

Ten years ago most other oils were largely adulterated or added natural isolates. Poor quality oils passed as good and synthetics passed as naturals.

We dreamed that could trust that an oil was pure and unchanged from natural form. We created the CPTG standard – doTERRA’s oils have become the gold standard – the most tested , trusted essential oils in the world.

This standard of quality has allowed us to form many relationship with hospitals, research – made GC/MS tests available to the public .

We are so confident in our quality that we launched Source to You two years ago. This initiative has provided hundreds of thousands of lot specific reports viewable to anyone. It took a lot of work but we have nothing to hide – we want you to see it.

Ten years ago we lived in a world where the supply chain was rife with corruption. Harvesters lived in poverty and a small number of brokers reaped the benefits.

We dreamed to work directly with harvesters in a manner that could change entire picture of communities. We wanted to lift exploited labourers to connected partners.

We have lots of stories to share about the process – that industry didn’t want to be disrupted.

We gathered a team who specialised in supply chain economics and poverty alleviation. This team is passionate about that. We approach with guiding principles, we work to adhere to Co-impact sourcing. We had integrated social responsibility before it was a thing.

“We discovered that when we focus on empowering individuals in our sourcing partnerships we yield a higher quality product; one that helps improve the lives not just of our customers but also entire communities in our sourcing regions.”

Co-impact Sourcing

Co-impact sourcing has provided 96.095 jobs and impacted 455,549 lives.

It’s one of the most successful and defining aspects of doTERRA.

We set out and were blessed to create something bigger than we ever dreamed.

Haiti (Vetiver)

Wrenching hardship and uncertainty were part of their lives. We entered not long after the earthquake in 2010 that displaced more than 1.5m people. Vetiver comes from Haiti. We dreamed to create a process to heal and empower entire communities.

When we first launched we created a school and water wells. After Hurricane Matthew in 2016 70% of homes in the region were without roofs. Kids collected contaminated water, so we rebuilt the community, repaired structures, installed solar panels, fixed roofs, and installed clean water pumps.
49,003 lives benefited, 11,137 jobs provided

Guatemala (Cardamom)

Cardamom farmers lived in world of instability, unable to access transportation and forced to sell below market rate to middle men.

We dreamed of way to free them. We went to work empowering growers to work as a group so they had bargaining power.

We partnered to build a training centre there which provides vocational skills to receive recognised certifications.

5016 lives benefited, 1045 jobs provided

Somaliland (Frankincense)

For many generations they have lived in most remote unforgiving environment. It’s hard to survive and provide for families. We dreamed to change their lives through fair and regular payments. I visited in 2014.

I’ve seen many poor areas over this world but ever the level of helplessness as I’ve seen there.

We helped construct houses in the mountains, built two large boarding schools and a large medical centre that will bring care to very rural regions serving 400,000 people who currently have zero access to care.

211,438 lives benefited, 36,837 jobs provided

Nepal (Wintergreen, Spikenard)

Many had lost lives in natural disasters and we have supplied tons of food, tents, temporary housing units. Earlier this year, the president of Nepal inaugurated a lab we helped construct.

5825 lives benefited, 1165 jobs provided

We’re now helping in 55 countries and we’re just getting started.

Other initiatives

I want to highlight two other initiatives.

Anti-human trafficking – an estimated two million children are suffering in sex-trafficking, we dream of combating this, to increase awareness, rescues, and after-care.

We’ve joined forces with Operation Underground Railroad.

OUR has been so successful.

Our latest project is an after care facility in Haiti. Rapha House is the largest aftercare facility yet – doTERRA joined forces with Rapha House entirely funding this project.

Three Strands global is all about educating teachers, parents and students about human trafficking.

We dream of a world where individuals can lift themselves from poverty and provide for future generations.

Mentors International – 14k micro loans, 10k new jobs – Ghana, Guatemala, Peru in Philippines

I suppose there may be some here thinking wish I had known about doTERRA 10 years ago.

We caught a wave 10 years ago, there’s now significant demand for natural products but I believe what I will share next will be catalyst for next big wave, perhaps bigger than the one started 10 years ago.

All ships rise with the tide, the is about to rise again.


Ten years ago we put together mission statements.

We had five major objectives, the fifth was to bring together health care professionals of traditional and alternative traditions.

In April of this year, we opened a clinic for doTERRA employees. It was our first step as we wait for our building to be completed.

When it opens it will be available to community as well. It’s prime use will be as an integrative clinic. It will also include urgent care and an in-house imaging centre.

doTERRA’s health care initiative has a name – Prime Meridian Health.

It will embrace alternative and traditional modalities – nutrition etc. Our country is facing a huge crisis, there’s a crushing burden on families, insurance heavily influences standard of care. It has influence on what it will and won’t pay for. Very little is done in way of prevention.

We have four objectives:

  • Integrated approach to health care using allopathic and holistic – with essential oils being a major focus.
  • Lower health care costs significantly
  • Improved accessibility and ease of access to medical care
  • Improve outcome by focusing on healthy living and greater focus on treating whole person.

Why a new name?

Data gathered will be powerful, we need it objective and credible so not tied to entity viewed as receiving benefits. It will be impactful at providing superior healthcare with better outcomes for lower cost than our current system.

It needs to be able to run independently and will follow the direct primary care model, value-based, approach.

It will allow as many visits as needed at a low monthly price – like gym membership. It will also  offer coverage for catastrophic needs at a more affordable rate.

Doctors paid by patients, not insurance, providers spend less time with insurance, more time with treating patients.

Physicians will be trained and knowledgeable about oils to incorporate three more US locations, all by the first quarter of next year. Dozens and dozens will be across the US and also soon announced outside the US.

What do they mean for me and my dreams?

We hope to bring them to you to receive the care with integrated approach.

doTERRA’s oils only will be used in these clinics due to consistent quality. As the world understands benefits and clinics spread doTERRA oils will only be available through direct sales channel – YOU.

Commissions will be paid on every bottle sold – doctors won’t be able to be paid. In time, these clinics will become a significant validation of oils and modalities.

We will be required to go to much further extent in our evidence based research of essential oils and that’s a significant part of our plan.

doTERRA intends to play a part in this disruption – and that means all of you!

Over the last 10 years it feels like we got a few things right and a bit lucky. People are beginning to see the harm of chemically laden products and seeking a return to purity.

Not much compares to doTERRA’s oils in this regard, in their ability to bless lives around the world.

doTERRA has been given credit for creating a whole new essential oils industry.

We want to continue to keep our position as the gold standard.

Are you ready?

We are poised at the beginning of another wave. People are appreciative of the power of oil. We are about to differentiate our oils again. I  feel another wave is coming.

I hope everyone here will be inspired to embrace dreams as we catch this next wave.


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