Host A Workshop

Want to host a class?

I love teaching classes and have everything set up to make it easier on the host.

I will send you a gift pack with everything you need:

This includes:

  • Invitations for your friends
  • Certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils for you to try ahead of the day
  • Additional product samples to try out
  • A recipe booklet
  • Information to answer any questions you may have

What’s in it for you?

Financially, you can receive 20% commission from all orders placed at your workshop.

In order to receive this you do need to have your own wholesale account (this can be set up after your workshop) and have an order of 100 points ($100-$150 depending on what you choose) or more set to process.

There is no obligation to set up an account or place an order yourself but you will not receive any commission if you are not enrolled.

You can use your commission from the orders to pay for your order – this is how many hosts receive their oils for free!

Before processing anything, I will make time to chat with you after your class (this may be by phone the following day depending on timings on the day) to ensure you fully understand the options and receive the most rewarding benefits based on what your guests have ordered.

Once enrolled there are no minimum monthly orders, no minimum spend, no obligation to buy or sell at any stage.

Many people choose to host a class regardless of the financial incentives as they are simply keen to learn all about the oils.

Most often our hosts have attended a workshop and are so inspired they cannot wait to share the information with friends as they see the life-changing power of what is taught during the classes and know these will help their friends.

These people are part of the revolution of shifting away from sick-care to health-care and spreading this message across the globe.

What does hosting a workshop involve?

As the host for the workshop, your role is to:

Provide a warm welcoming environment for the workshop

Send out the invitations (provided) to your friends and family at least two weeks ahead of the workshop

Ideal guest numbers are a group of 4-7 guests as this provides an intimate experience to address everyone’s needs

A nice touch is to provide healthy nibbles for your guests, ideally infused with therapeutic grade essential oils (please only use dõTERRA oils such as the vials in your gift pack. as these are safe to ingest).  You can use the recipe booklet in your gift pack to help you!

Once everyone has arrived, I would appreciate if you could introduce me to your guests!  Please feel free to share any experiences you may have had with the oils at this stage.

How much does it cost?

For classes where products are made and/or taken home, there is a cost simply to cover the cost of these products.  The educational aspect is always free. Please see costs of workshops below:

Introduction to Essential Oils – FREE / 2 hours

Pamper Party –  $100 for up to 10 people (including the host) / 2.5 hours / take home Frankincense roller blend

Tips and polite requests

We ask that alcohol is not served until after the workshop has finished.  This allows us to serve the group better and for guests to make clear decisions about any purchases.

Please remind your guests to arrive 5 minutes early.  We always start on time out of respect for those who have arrived at the specified time.

From time to time, things happen and dates need to be moved around.  We understand this but ask that you give us 2 weeks notice to help us allow for others to fill the space.

Ready to book in?

Contact me at with HOST in the subject line and a selection of three dates.



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