Convention: New Products (Kids Collection)

Emily Wright – New Products Dreamed

Feel what is happening in this room – people gathered together who are committed to improving their lives and others to make world a better place!

I honour each of you for being here. We’ve been planning a long time – 10 years is a big deal – and we wanted to be sure products, research guests etc will blow your mind.

What is in this little bag?

Well, we’ve asked the next generation what they would like to see as a new product category! Every one said they want their own essential oil line, just for us!

This is the doTERRA Kids Collection.

We had to make sure we had cool packaging to take to school, be proud of it!

Soft flash cards written to caregiver and kids to learn to use inside, awesome blends with carabiners so you can attach to a backpack.

These have been tested by little scientists – all kid approved.

We divided into three types: Mind, Body and Heart to help the whole child, not just parts and pieces.


Helps memory, sleep, focus, performance and learning.

Thinker – focus blend

Vetiver, Peppermint, Clementine and Rosemary – make sure encouraging creativity, focus, distractions

Calmer – restful blend

Use before bedtime, stressful times

Lavender, Cananga, Buddha Wood, and Roman Chamomile – all things calming for overwhelmed little minds


Make sure taking care of aches and pains, as playing and growing and supporting immune system

Stronger – Protective blend

Cedarwood, Litsea, Frankincense, Rose, use in place of On Guard, it’s a more simple blend, gentle for young bodies. The perfect dilution ratios for sensitive skin.

Support the immune system when not feeling well

Rescuer – Soothing blend

Copaiba, Spearmint, Zanthxylum, Lavender.

Regenerative properties, calming, for bumps and bruises.


Imagine a world where we teach children to know how they’re feeling and why, and how to nurture and care for their emotions so they can become well-balanced.

Imagine the leaders we’re raising up for tomorrow.

Steady – Grounding blend

Amyris, Balsam fir, Coriander, Magnolia.

Achieve balance, calming, comforting, well-being. Roll on the base of the neck, bottom of feet.

Brave – Courage blend

Amyris, Wild Orange, Cinnamon, Osmanthus.

Often kids lack confidence and courage. Roll onto the tummy or bottoms of feet for a boost of courage and confidence.

We have been so excited to equip our younger children with tools needed to nurture and care for their bodies.

These blends are more gentle to young bodies and have been made affordable for young families..

The kit is available now and is priced at US$114 (85pv) for NZ customers. The individual oils will be available in November, we don’t yet have the individual pricing.

If you have an NZ or Australian doTERRA membership you can access these through your account. If you have not got your own account please contact me and I can help you get started.



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