My Auckland Marathon Essentials

It’s well known among people who know me that I use my oils for running prep and recovery.

I thought I’d write down what I did for the Auckland Marathon – my best yet in terms of mental and physical expenditure!

The night before:

Easy Air and Lavender to help me sleep. I didn’t travel with my diffuser so I used the Touch versions of the oils.

I also sleep with the Headspace meditation app.  I find it helps me to clear my mind.

Race morning:

Ice Blue Touch on a couple of niggly spots on my legs.

Easy Air Touch on my chest.

This is to help relax my airways and allow for clearer breathing.

Digestzen Touch on my abdomen.

I have a toilet routine on race days, no matter how many events I do. I used Digestzen to support my digestive system so that I may have a smooth event.

Motivate Touch on my arms.

This is my running anchor. I associate this smell with a great run. It did not disappoint.

Balance Deodorant

I know you shouldn’t try anything new on race day but how much trouble could this give me? I’d worn it prior, just never on a run. The answer? No stinky armpits or clothes.

Post run:

In my shower: Verage Skincare to freshen up and be kind to my sweaty face.

Balance Deodorant

Ice Blue Rub – all over my legs, especially my calves, which were a bit niggly, and my quads.

Copaiba Softgels – to aid recovery, I used two softgels instead of a drop of the oil just for a change.

Deep Blue Polyphenols – to aid recovery. I’ve been using these after my long runs to aid recovery. I took two with water.

Correct-X – for chafing. I had a few bits of chafing on my torso, which the shower discovered! I used Correct-X for everything skin-related.

Drive home:

Peppermint beadlets – to keep me alert!

Green Mandarin and Pink Pepper in my car diffuser. They smell so fresh together.

I continued to use the Ice Blue Rub for a couple of days afterwards and by day four afterwards I was able to go for a run with my running group.



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