Biz Club


There’s so much to running an amazing doTERRA business that you will often wish you could clone yourself so you could keep on top of things.

You spend hours creating images, searching for the answers to questions for your customers, and yet you miss out on commissions because you didn’t know how to make sure you remain qualified.

If you have felt:

  • Over-whelmed at what you need to know about running a doTERRA business
  • Blinded by all the reports in your back office
  • Confused by all the different commissions
  • Unsure about the Loyalty Rewards Programme and how to explain it to your customers?
  • Stuck for something to do?
  • In need of a system for new customers

Then Biz Club is for you.

You will get access to a Google Drive folder which is jam-packed with stuff!

  • A manual on everything you need to know about running your doTERRA business
  • Transparent images
  • Compliant images with 10 uses for the product of the month – updated each month.
  • Leadership 2019 notes and slides
  • An Evening with Dr Hill comprehensive notes
  • Print at home labels for blends to share with your customers
  • Spreadsheets and forms for Australia and New Zealand markets

You also get access to a Facebook group where I will add updates and company news as well as post trainings.

This enables you to use these resources for you to run your own business. This entitles you to use images in your group but your builders need to purchase their own Biz Club if they want to use the contents for their teams.

Designed for wellness advocates in Australia and New Zealand. 

Alison King is a Silver in New Zealand. Her Clifton Strengths top five are Input, Intellection, Empathy, Learner and Communication.


Contents of the manual include:

  • Rules To Follow
  • Enrolment Admin Tips
  • Your Back Office Explained
  • Compensation Plan Explained
  • Loyalty Rewards Programme Explained
  • Transparent Images
  • Recommended (by me and you) Tools and Books
  • AromaTouch – What is it and how to incorporate into your biz
  • Glossary of Terms
  • FAQ (the questions you see asked in other groups and wish you knew the answer)
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