Blend Labels (Print At Home) Sparkles


What I love about using essential oils is making up blends for every eventuality.

But you know what is annoying? Only having the ingredient stickers to label your bottle and then you forget what that blend was for!

These labels are for blends using the top 10 oils as well as some other popular oil blends and singles.

But I don’t want you to have labels and not know how to make them, so I’ve added some recipes too, which you can use as inspiration to make your own or to follow to the drop.

Labels are designed for Avery L7109 labels, which fit 10ml rollers and Avery L7158 labels, which fit 5ml rollers. Simply download the labels, put your labels in your printer and print actual size. The 5ml labels include two of each.

Blends are: Happy Belly, Be Calm, Happy Nose, Happy Head, Homework Helper, Growth Spurt Support, The Bomb, Immune Support, Zen, Achy Body, Blissfully Calm, On Cloud Nine, Breathe and Energise.