2019 Convention Collection


Whether you went to the 2019 Global Convention or just watched the livestream you will want to have access to EVERYTHING!

This collection is expanded notes (no bulletpoints, sentences in full), with slides.

Still a work in progress you will have access to all presentations by the end of the month, all new product information will be ready by September 28 – if not sooner – ready for you to start educating your teams.

The collection will be a google drive, divided into the three days of convention, updated automatically so you can start using it now.

There are folders for each presentation and in those folders are slides and notes. Use these to educate yourself and your teams so we can all learn why we have the products we have and what difference doTERRA is making in the world.

Convention featured more than 20 different presentations. Livestream is open until the end of October but what then? Are your notes going to be understandable in five months’s time?