Stinky Feet? No Sweat

Stinky Feet? No Sweat

Foot odour is apparently a common problem and not characterised by personal hygiene habits.

It’s caused by excessive perspiration and bacteria growth on our feet.

In this blog you will find out how you can mitigate the smell from foot odour using natural solutions as well as some other handy tips.


Fill a foot soak tub with hot water then mix ½ cup Epsom salts with 5 drops tea tree oil and 5 drops eucalyptus oil.

Put this into the hot water and stir it until dissolved. Now add ¼ cup lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

Soak your feet for 15 minutes three times a week to freshen your feet and keep them healthy and smelling good.


Make an all natural DIY shoe spray to freshen up your running shoes, gym shoes and other shoes that can get stinky.

This shoe spray can also be sprayed on your feet. Before you spray onto skin do a test patch though to rule out any allergy or sensitivity issues to any of the ingredients.

What you’ll need:

120ml amber spray bottle

½ cup vodka or rubbing alcohol

Small funnel

10 drops tea tree oil

10 drops lavender oil

10 drops lemon oil

Open your spray bottle and use the funnel to transfer your liquid into the bottle. The purpose of alcohol is to capture the scents of the essential oils properly. If you use water, you won’t smell the essential oils much. Alcohol also has disinfectant properties.

Add your essential oils.

Close the bottle and shake well to combine.

Remove the shoe soles then spray the insides of your stinky shoes. Let them air dry before wearing them.


Get an icing sugar shaker and fill it with baking soda. Now add 10 drops tea tree oil, 10 drops lavender oil and 10 drops eucalyptus oil. Mix well and shake onto your shoes.

Leave it on overnight then in the morning dust the powder out of your shoes, wear them and off you go.

You can also dust this powder between your toes and on your feet.

Other ideas that may help:

Change your shoes

Alternate what shoes you wear as it may be the shoes that make the stink worse.

Dry Your Feet

After bathing, showering, or doing a foot soak, make sure to dry your feet thoroughly. Make sure to pay particular attention to the areas underneath and between your toes. Moisture can quickly lead to odour, so keeping your feet dry is critical.

Wear Socks

Wear socks as often as possible. Socks help absorb the sweat your feet produce, which helps prevent odours from developing in your shoes. Also, make sure you’re putting on a clean pair of socks every day.

Dirty socks will only make the odour situation worse! (If you have particularly sweaty feet, you may even want to change into a clean pair of socks halfway through the day if it’s really hot outside.)

Wear Breathable Shoes

Shoes made from breathable materials such as leather or canvas allow sweat to evaporate more readily, which helps keep feet dry and odour-free.

These simple tips are designed to reduce and prevent run-of-the-mill foot odour.

However, foot odour can also be caused by infections, and these can be really serious. If you have any redness or swelling around your feet or toes, or if there is a particularly foul odour, you should seek a medical opinion.


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