The big reveal – I can’t hold this secret in any more

It’s been over a year since my last marathon.

I ran two in the space of a week and then broke down.

I was tired. My brain was tired from everything else that I was dealing with.

I was tired from the travel required to do the two (Boston, USA on the Monday then London, UK on the Sunday).

My legs were tired.

And I was just over it.

So for the rest of 2017 I focused on running parkrun. A parkrun is 5km, so eight of these make up one marathon.

I could cope with a 5km a week. And some weeks parkrun is all I would do!

With my mum and an old friend we’d travel to different courses, some for the names (Conkers), some for the location (Fountains Abbey and Sherwood Pines both came highly recommended and neither disappointed).

And then we started our alphabet challenge – running parkruns that started with different letters of the alphabet. I’m still short of a D, I, O and Z (there is no parkrun that starts with an X, yet).

I’m still running parkruns in New Zealand.

I’ve only run at six different courses since our return in the New Year as there are so many more kilometres between them!

But I’ve had this yearning to run more, run further.

So I entered the Auckland Marathon.

It’s at the end of next month, which means I really need to do more running than just parkrun each week!

I thought I’d declare it here, so I can’t just pull out quietly.

Yes a marathon is a long way, it’s 42.195km, and 5km runs won’t cut it. However, the past three Wednesdays I’ve been running with my friend Ann. This morning we ran 14.5km, which is a third of the way.

I’ll be increasing the mileage a lot more rapidly than I’d recommend for new marathoners, but when you’ve run 15 marathons I think you know what you’re letting yourself in for.

Which leads me to wondering why I’m doing it again!

I guess the reasons are frivolous and also deep and meaningful.

I’ve run a marathon every year since 2013, if I don’t run Auckland then I’ll lose my streak. Frivolous.

If I don’t run a marathon I will feel like I’m losing my touch as a runner, that my opinions don’t mean as much and that I can’t call myself a marathoner.

Training for a marathon is more than about running. It keeps me disciplined. It keeps me happy. It keeps me healthy.

It keeps me social as I run with others.

It helps me to learn (I listen to podcasts and audiobooks on solo runs).

I see more of the world. I’m conscious of the environment around me.

And I’m process oriented.

So watch this space for more marathon posts, not in length I hope!


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