Why are doTERRA essential oils more expensive than those in the shops?

Why are doTERRA essential oils more expensive than those in the shops?

When you look at the price list you want to know this answer.

But to fully understand you have to know what you’re getting when you buy an essential oil from your local store.

Are you getting something that’s pure?

When you get a bottle of oil from a plant that you would normally add to your food (such as peppermint) ┬ábut it’s labelled “not to be ingested” do you really know what’s in it?

The sad truth of the matter is that many essential oils already in the market are not what they seem.

They can be labelled pure no matter how pure they may or may not be. They might not even have a smidge of the pure stuff at all!

Chemists have got proficient at making a concoction that smells of Lavender, or Frankincense, but there may not be any of the real stuff.

Instead you’re buying a bottle of something that smells of Frankincense. Your nose might not know the difference, but your body does.

At a recent conference in the United States (doTERRA Leadership), there was a presentation from the APRC – Aromatic Plant Research Center.

It said, that of tested oils from more than 50 companies (including from direct sellers, online retailers and retails stores) only three companies had consistently pure oils.

One of these was doTERRA, one is a boutique company selling Frankincense at US$200 and another is a company said to be in financial difficulty.

The results mean that 95% of companies were selling adulterated oils.

And of all oils tested from these companies (and some had all of their oils tested), 80% of oils sold were adulterated.

Pure essential oils can do so many amazing things for our bodies, but what about the fake stuff?

It doesn’t do anything great. And if you can’t put it in your body, why would you want to put it on your skin?

Your skin is your largest organ, and when you put things on your skin they inevitably find their way into your cells.

We are seeing research now that girls are entering puberty at nine as a direct result of the cosmetics their mothers were using while they were in utero.

So if you can’t use that peppermint oil in a brownie, do you want to be putting it on your skin?

And if you don’t want to put it on your skin, do you really want to be breathing it in?

When you buy a doTERRA essential oil you’re getting exactly what the bottle says.

It’s 100% pure and if it’s a single blend you can view the results of all the different tests by searching for it at www.sourcetoyou.com.

You’re not just buying an oil. You’re also contributing to the economy of the country where your oil was sourced.

Let’s say it’s your $99 bottle of Frankincense (or $132 if you haven’t yet got your own wholesale account).

When you buy Frankincense you’re supporting villagers in Somalia.

“For many generations they have lived in most remote unforgiving environment. It’s hard to survive and provide for families.

“We dreamed to change their lives through fair and regular payments,” said doTERRA chief executive David Stirling at the 2018 Global Convention.

“I visited in 2014. I’ve seen many poor areas over this world but never the level of helplessness as I’ve seen there.

“We helped construct houses in the mountains, built two large boarding schools and a large medical centre that will bring care to very rural regions serving 400,000 people who currently have zero access to care.”

Buying your Frankincense from doTERRA has benefited 211,438 lives so far and provided 36,837 jobs.

It’s a far cry from the old days when middle men would broker deals for the oils and the farmers would receive a pittance.

These essential oils are sourced from more than 40 countries, half of which are in the developing world. As well as a source of income for growers and distillers there is also the philanthropic work done.

Buying essential oils from this company also supports the more than 3200 employees in 16 different countries. And in the likes of New Zealand seven families are paid every time a product is purchased.

So the next time you question the price, ask yourself if your health is a priority.

If it is, then you deserve the real stuff.


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