Why Should I Give Oils A Go?

I hear you.

You’ve tried all sorts of quick-fixes but none have seemed to work.

You’ve shelled out cash for herbal treatments, pharmaceuticals, magic shakes and juices.

They’ve not worked, so why should essential oils?

I get that you’re skeptical.

I mean, doTERRA is a networking marketing company, it’s not the real deal. Right?

I know that’s what most people on the outside of doTERRA would think. After all, network marketing, aka MLM (multi level marketing) should not be trusted.

If you’ve been exposed to MLM before be prepared for a 180.

Yes, doTERRA is an MLM, but 87% of its customers are purely customers. There is no expectation to create a business.

It’s network marketing because doTERRA wants its customers to be educated by those who use the products, so they get a greater understanding of their power, rather than buying them in  shop with no after-sale support.

 So what’s the deal with these oils?

Essential oils are a plant’s natural defence systems that our cells innately know how to use.

They are sourced indigenously, which means they are the best quality.

It’s not like farming lavender and using what you’ve got. They are sourced from around the world where they grow best and then quality control tested.

If the batch is not up to scratch then it doesn’t go to market – melissa and Roman chamomile were out of stock for months!

Essential oils can be used aromatically, topically or internally. These oils are third party tested to check for any impurities.

Universities are using essential oils in studies to research their medical uses.

Essential oils are not hocus pocus. There are studies as well as numerous testimonials. Here’s a link to a testimonials site so you can see for yourself.

If you are ready to start your journey with oils then click here.

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