Your Pre-Race Checklist

What to pack for a race

What’s your worst nightmare when it comes to running a race? Is it finishing last? Tripping over your shoelaces? Or perhaps it’s forgetting your race chip?

I can’t help you with your shoelaces (always double knot them) or where you finish – though chances are you won’t be last and if you are, well someone has to be (and last = learner athlete still trying). But the rest?

Here’s my race checklist:

  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Shorts or skirt
  • Running top
  • Running bra
  • Running cap
  • Sunglasses if a sunny/bright day
  • Race belt (what I use for my race number, if you don’t have a race belt pack four safety pins) See pic
  • Fuel belt and bottles (for half marathons or further)
  • Essential oils – Lavender to chill, Digestzen for the nervous toilet visits, Easy Air for respiratory support and Ice Blue for muscle support.

Ready to run the Rotorua Marathon

  • Vaseline (for the areas that tend to chafe)
  • Water bottle for pre and post race hydration
  • Running jacket and trackpants (to keep warm before and after)
  • Jandals (for after a long race)
  • Race nutrition
  • Snacks for afterwards
  • Money
  • iPod for motivational music beforehand
  • E-ticket – most races have online entry and you get sent an e-ticket to present at registration. Remember to print it off to make registration an easier experience.
  • Race number and chip – if you have already been sent your race number, or you have picked it up the night before, do not forget to wear it. Some events now incorporate your timing chip into the number (a magnetic strip on the back), others give you a chip to tie onto your laces.
  • GPS watch
  • A support crew to cheer you on
  • Happy thoughts

I’ve stuck happy thoughts at the end because if you don’t try to feel happy no one else is going to be able to help you. It’s only a race, if it sucks, well there’s always another one.

No one is making you run, so try to remember how much training you’ve put in, how hard you have worked to run fast and if it’s not your day, well, your day will come.

There. I’ve said it.

I’ve been the grumpy cow, the stressed wife who snaps because we couldn’t find a park where I wanted. It didn’t make me run any slower, but it made my insides all tight and wrought, when really I should have been savouring the race atmosphere.

So don’t be me, at least don’t be me from five years ago. Today I love it. It’s only a race.

Download you Race checklist here.



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